New Generation Group

Our experience with Wrights Creek far exceeded our expectations.  Our group of 7 has hunted several places, but Wrights Creek has by far been our best experience.  Our group works together and we were looking for a full team experience and not just a hunt, the boys at Wrights Creek delivered. The cabin had more than enough room for our group of 7 (large guys) and we were extremely comfortable, even with all our gear.  Even despite a tremendous amount of rain, the hunting was great.  We killed pigs, had opportunities to kill more and saw a ton of other game.  Stand hunt, safari style hunt; you name it and they'll make it happen. In addition to the hunting, our guides really worked hard ensuring all of our guys were well taken care of.  Honestly, our guides are what made this trip so exceptional.  There wasn't a single moment of our trip that any one of us weren't entertained.  The skeet shooting and the rifle competition was a huge hit with our group.  We did not expect for either of those to be so much fun, but they were both a blast.  Beyond hunting and shooting, all the guides carried great conversation and new friendships were built.  It was also refreshing to see their work ethics ensuring every small detail was handled, just as we would do for our customers.  I've been on many hunts that did not turn out like promised, so I was skeptical going in to our hunt.  I even came down a day before the rest of our group to check things out. We will definitely return to Wrights Creek and I would suggest anyone looking for a good hunt to give Wrights Creek an opportunity, especially a corporate group looking for team bonding.  Wrights Creek is the real deal and they will ensure everyone has a great time.  Mrs. Little even baked us two pies and a pie I have ever had!  Many thanks to all our guides: Roberto, Chris, Bill, Charles and John.


Thanks for your hard work and dedication to my guys,


Mike Haid - New Generation Mechanical, LLC

Washington Guys

Absolutely Fantastic! Our group came down from Washington state to try our hands at some hog hunting, something we can't do up there, and we had blast! We arrived about 1pm hand were warmly greeted and immediately shown to were we could sight our rifles in. The guide crew, Charles, Robert, Bill, Chris, and the Old Man John (dead shot with a rifle) were very friendly and had us all feeling like it was our ranch as well. After sighting in our rifles in we were shown to the bunk house. Very clean and functional and well situated for an easy walk to either the skeet shooting or the rifle range. After that we it was on to the hunting.

         They have a total of 17 stands on the property that are all placed near game trails as well several trucks and a one equipped with a high rack for hunting on the move. Our group consisted of practiced veterans and rank amateurs and there was something for everyone. We saw several hogs and everyone had more than a few chances to make a kill. I have never seen guides work so hard and have so much fun while doing their job. I can't recommend this experience high enough.


Thanks again Wrights Creek Outfitters,

Sincerely the guys form Washington.



Kansas Bowling Team

This is a top of the line hunting experience from start to finish.  Charles and his family are truly professionals at what they do. This was a hunting experience we cannot wait to do again next year.  Our bowling team from Kansas goes on at least one hog hunt in Texas per year and this was the most relaxing hunt we have ever been on.  The service they provided at the price, was a great value.  There were no hidden fees or charges what so ever.  When they said we could shoot all the hogs we wanted they meant it.  We shot 9 the first night!  They processed every one of the hogs that night without a complaint, then took us hunting again.  This was also the most versatile hunt we have ever been on.  The only way we didn't hunt the hogs was with a helicopter.  We sat at their well built stands over feeders, spotlighted off of their high rack Jeep, and did some spot and stalk during the day.  Not to mention the sporting clay course with the robotic thrower and a rifle competition during the day.  This was very fun packed weekend.


Thank you Wrights Creek!


Kansas Bowling Team - Split Happens



3 Buck Family

Wrights Creek Outfitters is truly a one of a kind organization.  They went above and beyond in every facet of the hunting experience.  The hunting lodge is nestled deep in the ranch giving you a feeling of being in the element.  All the guides are very professional yet personable.  We enjoyed spending time with all of them. If you are lucky enough, Mrs. Little will make you some of her terrific pies.  My favorite was the Chocolate Chip Pecan and my son Grant absolutely loved the Buttermilk pie.


Now to the hunting. We spent three days at the ranch. Charles Little spent the week before our arrival spreading corn along the ranch roads and out near the Deer Stands we occupied.  The prep work helped us have a successful hunt.  My Dad (63 years old) got and 8 point buck and a 200lb Feral Hog! He was the experienced hunter of the group.  Me (41 years old) and my Son (9 years old) got our very first bucks.  I got an 8 point and Grant got a 1 point.  Apparently his buck got in a nasty fight and lost.  He loves telling the story of his “fighter buck”.  Needless to say we went home very happy hunters.  Another cool thing about getting a buck at Wrights Creek is that you get to post a Dollar on the “Buck” wall.  The Buck wall provides a history of the various kills in a unique way.


We hunted in the morning and evening.  During the day the guides entertained us with target shooting, ranch rides and playing with the most awesome toy ever, The Clay Robot.  Wrights Creek has a machine that throws shooting clays up to 100 per minute.  We had a blast playing with it.  Charles, Robert, Chris, and Mr. Little all spent time instructing us on the proper way to shoot skeet.  Second to getting our first Deer, shooting clays at Wrights Creek with the “Robot” is big fun.


What make Wrights Creek special is the experience. What you get is a “Texas Deer Hunting Experience”.  Real Texas People and Real Texas Animals in their native habitat.  Wrights Creek gives you professional guide service at fair price.


We are planning to go back over Spring Break to shoot skeet and hunt Feral Hogs. Wrights Creek will also be part of a family tradition in the coming years.  Each November we plan to come back for a new experience!


A Big Thanks to the Everyone at Wrights Creek Outfitters.




Chris Freitag (41), Grant Freitag (9) and Rod Freitag (63)

The Woodlands, TX


Hog Slayer

My experience at Wrights Creek Outfitters was amazing! Whether you are an experienced hunter or shooting for the first time, Charles and his team will make it a once in a lifetime experience. We hunted dove and hog and had a blast doing so. The most impressive aspect of Wrights Creek was the flexibility to accommodate each group. I have already booked my group for next year, and look forward to making this an annual/bi-annual trip. Deer, Dove, Turkey, Fish, Hog… no need to look anywhere else!


Blake Bradbury